Industrial Hemp

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Grass Pellets Made From Hemp, Miscanthus Switchgrass, Reed Canary Grass And More

Finally in our opinion the best biomass material to produce grass pellets is Hemp. Hemp has over 30,000 uses, and after processing there is residue left over. This woody core can be collected and compressed into pellets...
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Natural soap maker, Rand Paul PAC give $100,000 to hemp commission; Comer elected chairman

Commissioner Comer speaks to commission member John Riley at the inaugural meeting of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission on Nov. 14 in Frankfort. (Kentucky Department of Agriculture photo by Chris Aldridge)... See more Info:
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Company eyes hemp as feedstock for biofuel, power generation

Roger Ford, CEO of Patriot Bioenergy Corp., David Hadland, president of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association, and Craig Lee, a member of Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission. Patriot Bioenergy...
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Eco-Fashion friday finds – high on hemp

Industrial hemp appears in all sorts of products today – from milk and beauty lines – to upholstery and fashion lines. As a weed, it can grow quickly and pesticide-free, so many a sustainably-minded designer is incorporating it in their line. - See more at:
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American hemp: Colorado

American hemp: Colorado biotech firm ramps up processing plans Fort Lupton’s PureVision Technology wants to process hemp stalks for consumer-product manufacturing and plans large-scale biorefinery in Oregon. See more Info:
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HempFlax | Nature Wins!

HempFlax sales addresses. Where are HempFlax products for sale in my neighbourhood. Go to the dealer locator. News. HempFlax participates in FP7 Project ....

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Ecological Building Systems
Natural Insulation - Thermo-Hemp

Ecological Building Systems is about supporting and supplying the Irish and UK market with both the technical know how and quality tried and tested products...

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Lime Hemp Insulation

In this house we put straw and lime hemp walls as insulation. The walls we made frames for windows and doors...

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NaturePro Hemp Insulation

NaturePRO hemp insulation batts are a natural hemp insulation product for use in timber frame walls and loft applications. Hemp fibres are produced from hemp straw of the hemp plant and during its rapid growth the plant absorbs CO2 at a much faster rate than, for example, a tree...
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